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The three pillars of our mission are the transmission of psychological knowledge about mental health, the development of future psychologists and the strengthening of the community.

Knowledge. Our activities are aimed to develope psychological culture. Psychological knowledge can be useful not only in a wide variety of everyday situations, but also in the way communities live together. Our aim is to provide authentic information in an accessible format. In this way, we can help to reduce the extent of misconceptions and misinformation about our profession or about each other, to preserve mental health and to increase the tools for coping with difficult situations.

Future. We provide space for the psychologists of the future. Since our inception, volunteers have been able to try and develop their skills in the world of science communication, while strengthening their professional skills and professional networks. We provide training for our volunteers and give them the opportunity to try out themselves in our projects in a learning by doing approach. Through our events they can take the first steps or develop their skills e.g. in social media psychoeducation.

Community. We are for people who see each other as partners. We want to strengthen community, both among our followers and our volunteer internship students. Our community building activities are partly in person, partly through our products (events, community building cards, postcards, booklets) and partly through our social media activity.

Pszinapszis – Budapest Psychology Days

Over the past 25 years, the Pszichodiák Foundation’s event, Pszinapszis – Budapest Psychology Days, has become one of Budapest’s leading social and cultural events in field of psychology.

pszinlogo 2020

Budapest Psychology Days – a three-day professional and cultural event, which aims to disseminate psychological knowledge and to present the latest findings of psychology and the possibilities of mental health in a way that is accessible to the lay public. Attendance is between 3000 and 4000 people. During the 3 days, about 60 lectures, about 45 practical sessions (workshops), about 30 cultural programmes (concerts, exhibitions, civic performances, round tables, theatre, live library), based on the knowledge of psychology and the allied professions, are organised around a main theme each year.

Pszinapszis annual events 2001-2021

Volunteering programme

Would you do something to promote psychological knowledge on mental health? Would you like to try yourself in real projects? Looking for your professional identity? Join to our volunteer programme!

Knowledge. The Psychodias Foundation is committed to bringing authentic psychological knowledge to as many people as possible. Volunteers who want to try themselves at this activity for longer or shorter periods of time are also involved.

Profession. In addition to disseminating knowledge on mental health, we also train the psychologists of the future. Participants in our programme not only learn more about a field of their choice, but also get the tools to build their own careers and professional identities, while gaining valuable skills for the job market.

Support. We act as an incubator. With years of accumulated know-how and experience, you don’t have to start from the beginning if you have a good idea. Just like our growing follower base, we can provide invaluable support and feedback on your ideas.

Perspective. Applicants to the Foundation’s back office team can gain greater insight into their field through everyday tasks and a learning-by-doing approach. We think on a project basis, work in teams and continuously train ourselves and each other. We give personal feedback on the tasks carried out.

Personalisation. The programme relies both on individual interaction and teamwork, so we can provide the individualised portfolio of tasks and personal feedback that volunteers need. The advantage of individual contact is that there are no awkward questions, no waiting for others, everyone can move at their own speed, according to their capabilities, in a differentiated way, while keeping up with the programme and being able to engage in the tasks that are shared.

Want to join our back-up team?

Send an email to info or karsai.szilvia!


Conference on Organisational Developement

“Meaningful work – meaningful organization“ OD in the service of meaningfulness!

The annual conference of Hungarian Association of Organisational Developers

23-25th 2021, Balatonszárszó, Hungary

Co-organisor: Pszichodiák Alapítvány

Organisational development is about creating an organisation that is both effective and humane. Business results, rapid market adaptation, efficient organisation and operations are essential, but lasting success depends on unlocking individual and collective potential. This requires that we grow through our work, and that our organisational and leadership environment is not merely supportive, but emotionally sustaining and energising.

If our work becomes our true vocation – because it is something we were almost ‘called’ to do, and in it we find our best selves – we will experience our inner passion, the joy of creation, the experience of learning and development through work. And by working together, we can create meaningful organisations and communities capable of achieving all that really matters.

Programme and registration (closed)



A community- and relationship-building card game KLOZER designed by psychologist, with short questions focusing on personal experiences to get closer to knowing others and thus oneself.

Closer from afar

Every person is different. Just as every conversation is different. A single word can start many changes.

To understand, we need to step back.

KLOZER – bringing you closer

Designed by a psychologist, Klozer is a community and relationship-building card game with short questions that focus on personal experiences to bring us closer to knowing others and therefore ourselves.

It’s for you

Besides for friends and family communities, we highly recommend it to HR professionals, teachers, trainers, psychologists and volunteers.


The game is ideal for small groups. You can play with any number of players, but the recommended group size is 2-6 people, even online.

The game

The game is flexible, like a casual conversation. Tailor it to you – changing the recommended course of play will create new unexpected and exciting situations.

We reflect on each other in conversation. When you match the cards you answerred during the game, the cards draw out unique patterns of self and relationships. As the cards pile up and the picture gets bigger, you get to know more and more of each other and therefore of yourself.

An excellent gift

KLOZER is also highly recommended as a gift option for friends, family and colleagues.


Order it now!


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Nostalgic atmosphere

Important contacts are not made with an XD LOL or an HB2Y! message on messenger. We give more attention to it. We put our most valueable, our hearts and our time into the message. It’s an expression of the importance of the connection.


The first piece of our Pszinapszis Merch product line is a postcard for a reason. The pandemic has separated many of us from our loved ones and friends. Perhaps we have had to search for a new balance for a long time. Maybe some relationships have faded in the meantime. Online videos have filled the void, but despite our best efforts, they can’t quite make it personal enough. As much as a meeting. Or like a handwritten, personalised message. Something to be prepared for. Something to look forward to. Something to be filed away as a keepsake.

It’s for you

With postcards, you can send a message to more than just your loved ones. They also make great gifts. In fact! You can also use them to write time capsules for yourself. You don’t even have to wait until New Year’s Eve to do it, because you can take a few minutes out of any crazy day to stop and think about yourself – for yourself, for your loved ones, for your relationships.

Where can you order it?

You can order Pszinaspzis Merch products, currently their exclusive starter pieces, the postcards, from the interface below:



Support and donation

Our organisation is active in the field of psychological education.

The development of social psychological culture and individual life skills is of paramount importance, as more and more cases are encountered in the media or in everyday life where psychological knowledge is needed; on the one hand, in prevention and preparation, on the other hand, in the management and intervention of situations and conditions that arise.

And 2020 arrived …
Our situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic of 2020, where isolation, fear of the unknown, uncertainty about the future could put people’s mental and physical health at risk, causing anxiety, depression, loneliness and stress.

There is a great need for mental supports in this multiply stressful and challenging period.

Due to this year’s epidemic, we have moved our entire outreach operation to an online platform.

Please support our work by donations to our Foundation.

Make it possible, that psychological knowledge to even more people. Including those who are in desperate need of authentic professional information and techniques.

Support our work!
Organization name: Pszichodiák Foundation [Pszichodiák Alapítvány]
Account number: 11706016-20787347
Bank: OTP Bank Budapest Region
IBAN: HU11117060162078734700000000
Note: “Donation”
Donation amount: according to your own possibilities.

As a non-profit organisation, the grant will be used to maintain our operations and develop our projects. Our volunteers, members of our Board of Trustees, participate in our educational activities in a social work, out of a sense of vocation, dedicating their time to this important mission.

Report of donation and 2020 activities